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Raid Rules and Info

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Raid Rules and Info Empty Raid Rules and Info

Post  osullytony Mon Aug 08, 2011 5:46 am

To make things easier from now on rather then just randomly completing raids whenever i am goin to take lead and build a roster of players to go through each raid each week to minimize league members missing out and a random bein g taken instead, i prefer to play with the league as then we can make sure everyone gets the best chance at getting equal share of the loot so first ill put down some basic rules for raiding just to be clear so it cant be said there was no rules listed.

No.1 When in a raid if you need to leave for whatever reason please inform the raid leader that you are not coming back. If you are able, please find a replacement.

No.2 Treat other raid members with respect. Any discussion regarding individual performance is to be discussed in guild and in guild only. If you need to discuss particular individual's actions, please contact an officer or higher rank. They will take the time to listen. All conversation regarding the matter will be strictly confidential.

No.3 Raid loot is to be shared equally amongst raid members. That is, all loot is to be for those that are the equivalant class, i.e. tank, healer, controller or DPS. For example; If the group loot is tank gear, only active tanks may press need on it. All others must pass including those fire and ice DPS. The next tank item that drops, only the person who previously missed out can press need. All others must pass. The only exception is if both roles agree a crossroled played can instead have the item in which case the crossroller greeds on the item and all others pass.

No.4 Once a raid has been organised, all participants must be ready within 20 minutes of the scheduled time. This includes being logged on and geared. If during the week your plans change and you can not participate in the schedulde raid please remove your name from the raid roster or inform a raid organiser to remove you from roster. If you are late without telling a raid organiser you will be replaced by others next in line on the raid roster.

This thread will be locked and i will place a new thread to assign slots to people, the slots are on a first come first serve basis as long as your geared enough for raid, no favoritism here.

p.s. Ill still do raids randomly with league but i just want to make sure when im completing a raid its with the league no randoms.


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