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The best dps/healer loadouts (Sorcery)

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The best dps/healer loadouts (Sorcery) Empty The best dps/healer loadouts (Sorcery)

Post  osullytony Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:45 am

All you need for a sorcery dps is 3 powers;

Circle of Protection - AoE does medium damage over time to all enemys within it.
Weapon of Destiny - for 10 seconds you deal double damage spell damage and normal weapon damage.
Final Ruin - does greatdamage and whaps out good criticals to enemys below 35% health.

And for A Healer you need 5 powers to maximize survival;

Circle of Protection - Medium health given out over time to all within it.
Transcendence - Over 10 seconds gives out a constant string of high heals to you and nearby allies, whilst also giving out a small amount of power to you and nearby allies over the 10 seconds also.
Rejuvenate - gives out a single heal to user and the ally with the lowest health.
Invocation of Renewal - gives out a single heal to the user and upto 7 other allies.
Boon of Souls - protects user and 3 other allies from all damage for 15 seconds.

yes better might, precision, restoration and power helps but no matter what any one tells you these powers are all you need to do your very best for the desired role and dps or healer doesnt matter always pick up the +100 power/ 50 vitalisation iconic power. And obviously the extra critical chance, damage, magnitude and heal chance depending on you role.


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